Friday, August 24, 2007

ISYS is doing a tender offer on its stock at $27 a share. They are a small, $270MM mkt cap tech company with too much cash and a slightly rich stock valuation that has gone nowhere the past five years. Their price is $24.50, I am recommending that you buy 99 shares of the stock at any price under $24.50. The tender offer runs through September 11th, so you just have to notify your broker to submit your shares at $27, with "odd-lot-preference" treatment.
I bought Oceans Seven their 99 shares, and am buying 99 shares for my and Jennys personal accounts. The trick is that no more than 99 shares are registered to each person, that ensures you will get all your shares bought once the tender offer is completed. At $24.50, your gain is $248, less commissions, for about a months investment of $2450..... oh, and if you buy today you will pick up a $6 dividend (woo hoo!) as well.

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