Wednesday, April 05, 2006


These are several examples of small cap companies that hit my radar screen, for which the insider buying would be the primary factor motivating a purchase of the shares... either due to losses at the company or extremely limited insight/disclosure from the company, due to their small size, etc. NKBS was actually found on my value screen back in the 1's, while CFS and KNOL I've been watching go up 50-200%, respectively.

GCT/KRG are examples of REITS with strong insider buying that I've put a little bit of money into, but I'm nearing the point where I will simply put a significant amount of money in these small caps without forcing myself to do a complete due diligence on the company. KNOL and ARTG are terrific examples of why I would be willing to buy based on insider activity alone, although that does create a dilemna on where to set a stop-loss level at.....

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