Friday, November 17, 2006

Best Investment Idea of the Year- Overweight recommendation on Chipotle Gift-Certificate Cards (literally)

Sell your house, take out a second mortgage, this is the idea you've been waiting for..... For a pittance of a sum, you can buy a $25 Chipotle gift-card and receive a coupon for a free burrito. Based upon an implied value of $5.50 per burrito, this works out to a 22% return on investment. While the coupon must be used before year-end, estimating by my current rate of Chipotle consumption...that would be good for at least 10-20 trips before year-end (and the gift cards remain valid for at least another year). Thus, the rate of return on your investment increases substantially when you discount the fact that you would have eaten at Chipotle a couple hundred times next year, whether you had bought the gift certificates or not. Essentially, that money is a future "sunk cost", so taking advantage of the gift certificate is equivalent to getting free money.

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peterson said...

I put in 2500 on these. Time for profit-taking!