Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tobin's Q- Why Are We Seeking to Audit the CIA When We Can't Even Audit Our Own Federal Reserve?

Ostensibly, our Congress and government (aka, Goldman Sachs) representatives would have us believe that auditing our Federal Reserve would a) destroy "sanctity" of independent Fed b) compromise monetary policy c)lead to economic collapse/ruin d)lead to politicization/economic favoritization e)etc., etc.

So given these potentially dire outcomes that would be associated with auditing our Fed (which is the only method to ensure it is indeed acting independently, appropriately, without favoritism towards a particular investment bank), it bewilders the imagination why our Congressmen are in such a hurry to audit the CIA and demand public accountability.

Imagine that..."public accountability" for a SPYING ORGANIZATION. We are too scared to even audit our public monetary policy, but believe making our SPIES publicly accountable to elected representatives is more appropriate?

Anyone care to chime in on this genius.

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hans said...

Yes, incredible does not do justice. Nancy Pelosi et al are trying to cover their arse. If they have to destroy the CIA to do so, and the EVIL Dick Cheney. Going broke, spending the future, raising taxes everywhere. Now floating the idea of paying the mortgage payments for laid off workers....audit that.